Mar 25, 2009

honey and clover.....!

>honey and clover or in another name is~hachimitsu to clover~ is one of the anime that im watching and also downloading right now.This series of anime contents of 24 ep + ova is converted from manga to anime and also have a real action series and movie but right now i just watching anime only coz the real action im cannot find the site to download it yet and my hardisk almost full.It have a 2 season which in 2nd seasons only 12 ep.
>Manga version(japanese word for comic)is created by Chika Umino.The main character in this anime is :
1.Hanamoto Hagumi (hagu)
2.Takemoto Yuta(Takemoto)
3.Morita Shinobu(Morita)
4.Mayama Takumi(Mayama)
5.Yamada Ayumi(Ayu)

>this is the plot that i find it in internet,copy and paste it right here(coz i dun hve time to type) :

-Yūta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita are three young men who live in the same apartment complex and are students at an art college in Tokyo.

One day, one of the art professors, Shūji Hanamoto, introduces his cousin's daughter, Hagumi Hanamoto, who has come to live with him and is a first year at the art school. Upon introduction, Takemoto and Morita fall in love with her. Morita expresses his love for Hagu in ways that scare her, especially calling Hagu 'mousey' and constantly photographing her, while Takemoto hides his feelings and tries to be a friend to Hagu. Hagu herself, though initially timid and afraid of company, gradually warms up to the three.

The group also includes another female: Ayumi Yamada. She is a master of pottery, and is well known by her name "Tetsujin" (Iron Lady). When not at school or hanging out with friends from the college, she helps run the family liquor store. She is very popular with all the guys, whether they are from the shopping district the liquor store is in or the other male pottery students, but Mayama is the only man she is in love with.

Unfortunately, although Mayama considers Yamada a friend, he does not return Yamada's love and is busy chasing an older woman, Rika Harada. Rika runs an architecture studio which she used to run with her husband, Harada before he died in a car accident which also left Rika disabled. Rika Harada and Shūji were very close friends and roommates in college. Mayama is sent by Shūji to help Rika, who has a hard time taking care of herself and running her business.

The story follows these five characters in their love triangles unrequited love, graduating from college, finding jobs, and learning more about themselves,and also humors.

>you can download the season one anime in here :

[24.19kb][TORRENT file]

>and also a torrent software if ur not hve it yet :

[utorrent][exe file][263.8kb]

*honey and clover real action drama trailer.....
* i like the character of hagu-chan...kawai~~

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